262 at 1


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The combination of Triple Crown genetics mixed with our very own Bud genetics created this enormous yearling.  He is our largest yearling buck to date - scoring 262 B&C this year.  We are excited to see what both his future holds as well as that of his offspring!

PEDIGREE:  LaR GRN 97, State ID: X833, DNAS: 220653

Triple CrownDNAS: 93570
Bambi YardstickDNAS: 10424
NitroDNAS: 753
HollyDNAS: 767
WhitneyDNAS: 78237
GladiatorDNAS: 12190
TashaDNAS: 21586
LRR LacyDNAS: 93295
LRR BudDNAS: 53086
Maxbo XLDNAS: 24298
LRR MatildaDNAS: 20920
LRR RufflesDNAS: 53075
MatrixDNAS: 18531
TwilaDNAS: 19540